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Omega oh yeah 1968


gday from oz,no rings today but scored a omega seamaster 1968 tests 9ct but could have a heavy plate stainless back though bit of a worry!! decision time if its solid 9ct case and bezel is it strip, and strip the gold or if its plated might try to clean and if its as good quality as they say a going watch may still be worth a fair bit,or maybe hit it with a hammer and enjoy precision parts fly everywhere,mmm!!


Nice find Roy, had a quick www found quite a few mentions of the Seamaster in both solid 9k and 18k
So could well be the real deal!
Is it still a runner?


gday iggy no go iam afraid not did see its an automatic if my memory serves you have to move your wrist to wind it,my guess its been there for decades we will see when i open it up what sort of quality omega is.


if you hit it with a hammer - dont forget to take pics. :smiley:



Hi roy nice find there,these watches are usually 9ct cased,ive found a few old watches,but mainly been toasted.I did find a casio watch,which still works,and sometimes I wear it,cool post.


just a pic to show how good quality thease watches are .amazing