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Old forum login


Hi Guys/ Gavin, followed the link from e mail i received i have logged in i can look at stuff in Paydirt Community, but when i click to go to forum, i am taken to the old forum it is asking me to log in, i use the new password wont work, then use the old password which still dont work, in short i cannot log into the old forum, any ideas, there again it might just be me.


This is a different site to the old forum so requires a different login I’m afraid.

I’ll reset your password for you in the old forum so you can login there too.


Thanks for that Gavin as if you havent got enough to do.
I have not been around for a while just been too busy sorting imigration out, should be looking for a place around thames in the new year.
Thanks again


No worries, always happy to help.