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Mudwiggling through 2016 (part 2)


1942 shilling? Is that right?


Unfortunately, just a standard CuNi '47 shilling


Making up for lost time… Back on the trail today, into an urban bush stream - I love these.

A swag of foil as expected, few old decimals and an old style number plate (Something 1-304), sad that it’s not in better condition.
I might clean it up, treat it, then mount it on a ply backing and take it back and nail it to a tree where I found it.


Love creeks like that but Maurice Sendak’s book put me off going to places like that! It was called ’ Where The Wild Things Are’ - I would be gttign insecure feelings and looking behind every tree to see if there were blazing eyes oggling at me with nefarious intent.

Yes a pity about the number plate - in good condition some of them sell for good dollars.

Reminds me of a wee stream that flows alongside the road at Kaipatiki Road at Birkdale, North Shore.


The plate might be a farm gate one …sorta like the small fontera ones they have now?


Hadn’t considered a gate number, although it is in the same general area as



Funny, I get that feeling when detecting at night in populated areas - Bush, much more relaxing for me.


I know what you mean - I tried detecting parks once and every kid, every dog, every old lady and everything that moved was a policeman or a White collared Council worker who had been trained in KGB tactics by Beria -paranoia ruled supreme and yes I prefer the bush where prying eyes dont perve and oggle.


Two hunts around the sidelines.
Yesterday was just sprigs, crap and a lone $2

Different field with the ATP screwed down tight into goldies-only mode produced the goodies in quantity with zero Müll.
…and another Monopoly top hat, my second Monopoly piece.

Q: Who plays Monopoly in the middle of a field, and why do they always leave the top hat behind??? I know we all wanted to be the racing car, is the top hat really that unpopular? More so than the iron or the shoe?:roll_eyes:
:face_with_monocle: . :male_detective:


thats almost a hoard,or is it a cache…


Cha ching$$$few pies there mate


Nice spendies haul there, sprigs sound good forever digging those. American quarter too I see they ring up high too only found two both on sports grounds as well.


I can see early retirement!


Permission hunt this afternoon turned up these two beauties

WW2 NZ Artillery badge and a sterling sword brooch with amber inlay.

Both of which belonged to a previous owner and have been traced back to their son, who is understandably rather excited after hearing about the finds. Unfortunately the badge owner died about 10 years ago…but it’s always a cool buzz returning this sort of thing to NOK.

And the rest, plenty of bronzes, earliest was a beautiful patina 1904 penny.

Owner kept all the finds, but I was able to negotiate to hang onto this salty fellow (shilling for scale)

Been a long day, time for an ale…


what a cracker of a hunt badge gold guilded wonder if its an officer insignia.


Don’t know much about him yet, he was in Tank Corps though apparently. Shame the soils up here eat metal horribly.


The blue enamel and gold guilding might indicate a Sweetheart badge. Usually they were sterling silver or 9ct gold but it might not be considered unlikely that someone got a standard badge and had it enamelled and guilded for their lover, partner or best friend, I have seen silver sweetheart badges enamelled. If only they could talk.


Love the sailor boy. Looks early.


Well done on the returns those lead toys are awesome to find


Thought it might be a Barclay, but it doesn’t have the pod feet. Free-standing leads aren’t that common. Progressively trawling through FleaBay etc…