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Mudwiggling through 2016 (part 2)


1942 shilling? Is that right?


Unfortunately, just a standard CuNi '47 shilling


Making up for lost time… Back on the trail today, into an urban bush stream - I love these.

A swag of foil as expected, few old decimals and an old style number plate (Something 1-304), sad that it’s not in better condition.
I might clean it up, treat it, then mount it on a ply backing and take it back and nail it to a tree where I found it.


Love creeks like that but Maurice Sendak’s book put me off going to places like that! It was called ’ Where The Wild Things Are’ - I would be gttign insecure feelings and looking behind every tree to see if there were blazing eyes oggling at me with nefarious intent.

Yes a pity about the number plate - in good condition some of them sell for good dollars.

Reminds me of a wee stream that flows alongside the road at Kaipatiki Road at Birkdale, North Shore.


The plate might be a farm gate one …sorta like the small fontera ones they have now?


Hadn’t considered a gate number, although it is in the same general area as



Funny, I get that feeling when detecting at night in populated areas - Bush, much more relaxing for me.


I know what you mean - I tried detecting parks once and every kid, every dog, every old lady and everything that moved was a policeman or a White collared Council worker who had been trained in KGB tactics by Beria -paranoia ruled supreme and yes I prefer the bush where prying eyes dont perve and oggle.