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More pictures to look At


Just for forum members to have something to look at. The picture includes the coins I got from spot X and my previous outing at another location. Surprised to find the bullet porjectiles because the spot has always been in the town boundaries, they appear to be 303 calibur or similiar. Also surprised to find part of the brass caseing for what looks to be a pistol size calibur bullet in the same area.
The padlock is a great find , very unusual key mechanism. Its made by Wormald patent 1911 DU is written on the side. Google search haas come up with a similiar one but hasn,y got the steps on the key chamber, very interesting. If anyone can add any info on it that wuld be great.


That’s some interesting stuff, can’t wait to see more episodes of this.


The padlock is a “Bramah” style.
The key is a tubular one, depresses the tumblers to varying degrees as you insert it, then turn the key to unlock.
It is a captive key lock (the key can only be removed when locked.

Very collectible.


Heh Kate, thanks for the excellent information regarding the lock. Looking down the cone into the body I don,t see any mechanism in there, not to say theres none in there tho. No key unfortuneatly but pleased with the find.
Its defineatly that type of lock alright, many thanks.
Heres some more pictures of the lock to give you a better idea of size.


Thanks GP
It never ceases to amaze me just how much “stuff” there is buried under the ground.
I am really looking to get back to this spot, thinking of hitting it with my 15inch all- terrain coiltek, cover a bit more ground . I,ll certainly update as anything worth putting up, shows up.
Cheers X-Terragold


People used to, and still do bury all sorts of stuff they consider rubbish.
I’d love to get into some old Landfills, I’ve seen 1940’s news papers come out the same as the day they went in. They often covered land fills with clay.
Been doing some scrapping, so know there are some real goodies hidden away. (mostly silver, bit of gold too)


I would bet that it is not the Bramah type lock as shown above. It is an early Wormald lock and also very scarce. See what the similar one below, also a Wormald lock, sold for. That was a totally ace find and because I happen to have a collection of a few dozen…and more locks…I am jellyarse. Good find in great condition!
if the internals are not rusty then it shouldnot be too hard to make a key. I have made keys for dozens of locks so not a big deal.


I found this one the other day and didn’t think to much about it it says property of Dunedin corporation on it unfortunately it’s been cut but still a nice relic


I love the colouring on it, very nice piece.


Thanks it’s not bad bit of Dunedin history


Love it. I have a collection if locks but had never seen this type.