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Looking for a claim to dredge


Any one with a claim in south land area willing to let me dredge for a percentage of gold


whats people thoughts on a percentage basis to let someone else dredge your claim, or is a daily rate a better way to go?


Emm, how will you know what they find?


Getting someone to declare all the gold would be the tricky bit… (Gold does seem to bring out the worst in people) so if it was me, a daily rate would be the way to go


a friend of mine pays $300 pw


yes being a reformed gold fever sufferer myself I fully understand the evils of gold fever , but im pleased to say I have been clean for a few years now and havnt made one single new purchase in that time , though the temptation is still strong , my will power gets me thru lol


what size dredge do you have.


I’ve got a 5inch dredge.have you got a claim


I’ve got a 5inch,have both single and 3way box