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Keys and lost wallet Wagner holiday park houhora


Toyota Car keys, house keys and wallet lost in deep water at Houhora off Wagner Holiday Park.
Items were lost after a fishing kayak capsize in a rip in very deep water at 0630 this morning so sounds like a bit of no hope mission, certainly not worth driving there going by the description of location but if someone is in the area and able to have a swing at lowtide please PM for contact details.


Big currents there so the wallet has gone (it’ll return to a beach somewhere there, wrapped in seaweed in a few weeks).

You’d have to have some serious minerals to be diving in the channels in that harbour in mid summer for various toothy reasons.


Yeah all advice from locals is keys are a lost cause. Making chicken noises as I type.


I’m from up there, Pukenui to be exact. Remember in my yoouff counting the hammer heads from the top of the rock opposite the camp. We use to catch some big bronzies up at the wharf too. I don’t do the water thing :sweat:


Their son is driving the spare set of keys and a credit card up to them tonight.
Car Key has a transponder chip in it so would be toast anyway I think.