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Iam sure now its a range


hi. back to my range site more enfield rounds must be a range,can anyone identify the what i think is more a shoulder pip rather than a button,came from same depth and surrounded by bullets,has to be same era,been gold guilded and has a thistle motif on it,scotland the brave methinks.IMG_1836IMG_1837



Sounds like someone was at the pointy end of a firing squad to me :rofl:


Pretty neat find Roy look forward to the identification


That’s a nice pip, well done Roy.


Is this the one Roy.


pipers button it is then,wonder what they were doing there…thanks all.


As mudwiggle said at the bad end of the firing squad for playing bad music. :rofl:


more like wearing no underwear on the job…


Oh I didn’t realise the Scottish Commando’s were posted here


I think he was just a bad piper who couldn’t hold a tune. Ended up getting the bullet.


im pleased this one wasn’t shoot its my good wife playing her pipes up avalanche peak in arthurs pass



First time I have ever seen a Piper up Parthurs Ass…I suppose its a better way to kill off all the animals than 1080…death by sound waves!