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Homemade Sluice


I saw one with a flare in it some time ago and was suitably impressed but interestingly enough I never ever saw a flare on any historic sluice boxes or in any old photos so its a new consideration…personally I like it.


For those interested, here is the mostly finished Sluice. Folded out the front to give it a flare. After scouting around several chch scrapyards i couldnt find any expanded metal mesh so bought some from Dredgenz. It has deep V rubber matting underneath.
Still have to add a handle and big riffles at some point but they can wait for a bit.
May get to try it out at moonlight this sunday, fingers crossed


Great looking set up…good luck at Moonlight!!


Looks good, you not worried about having a riffel or two in There


Looks a really good job…may you find lots of gold with it and enjoy many happy hours in the great outdoors.