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Help with old silver ring


[quote=“chris, post:1, topic:818, full:true”]


Hi guys dug this ring and does anyone no if the x after 925 is a date or makers mark


Netherlands, 1932.

Nice work on that one.


No shit… I thought it was more Maori with the "greenstone " and korioi design


Sorry - put you way wrong on that! Disregard.
Got my googles badly mixed up. :zipper_mouth:


Hi Chris, the X can be one of two things- mainly makers mark or ring size. Don’t get hung up on the mark as that is not important. I do think it is more than likely ring size.


Thanks Gerard , all new to me I’ve been lucky enough to find 6 rings since I started about 8 months ago


that’s great Chris, just keep thinking there is always more out there and you will find it. Good luck