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Hazards of metal detecting


gday from oz,this has to be as nuts as it gets,climate change is for real,this is a olive sea snake washed up on a beach i detect regular,its still alive but has a broken spine ,probably hit by a prop.first one i have ever seen.dont know if thease things bite but are definitely deadly.IMG_1749


Look after them and keep them over there Roy


Do they make good pets? I know a few snakes?


ive got a pet snake it lives in my trousers


Venomous little buggers they are to - seem to get a lot of woman in trouble - I was once with a woman who said “Oh my gosh its a Python” but its only years later that I realise what she was referring to - the draught stop at the bottom of the bedroom door.


sounds like a case of wishful thinking


Jealousy will get you no where!


I dived on the Great Barrier Reef many years ago and the black and white striped ones were super friendly