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Got one at last ...bucket lister


midweek hunt plenty of targets started with a 1950 half crown and eventually a bucket lister after all these years a four pence vicky ,very scarce in these parts and its a beaut,dropped not long after minted looks au condition,well pleased,good luckIMG_1920IMG_1921IMG_1922


That sure is a beauty Roy well done that’s a groat example.



Those guys down there obviously haven’t been trying hard enough while you were gone!


What a find Roy unbelievable what’s under your feet


That is awesome Roy 1855 and amazing condition - what a find!
Hell I didn’t even know there was such a thing as a 4 pence??
Well done


All I can say is “Bloody Marvellarse” - its a cracker Roy.

Strangely enough I found an 1854 one!


for us here it may be once in a sweet it is.


Yes you are so right I do know of a half farthing found at Waikouaiti when they demolished a building there that had been a hotel back in the good old days.


thats another one i have not seen i seem to remember my grandfather calling them a mite,dont know if it was just a slang word, them were the days when we were so poor we had to sleep in a shoe box int bottom of garden,and we had to wait till dad got home so we could boil his socks so as to get some flavour int broth…


Nice one Roy, goin hard.



Amazing find Roy.
These young detectorists really need to step up their game!