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Gold and a battle axe from the beach


gday all,after a quite spell tides coming right some sand movement scored a 18ct 3.3g band and a cool 925 axe pendant must be some kind of game memorabilia,nice find well pleased,great tides this week.


must mention the rind is hallmarked AROO something tells me its an aussie ring.


Great finds. You get many sinkers or spendables?


that axe belongs to thor


Sure it’s not ARCO?

Nice finds though! I should get out of the bush and onto the sand more often. Gold is so much more appealing than manky pennies…



loads of sinkers not too many coins most of the spendies get hoovered up pretty quick


Snap!! Found this the other week under a flying fox



looks like gold nice work


Cool, will be my first, wondering if the 28.44 figure is weight



14k nice about 25 bucks per gram


Cheers Roy, Thor can’t have that back then👍🏻


check the id numbers on your detector make sure its not plated if it is it may be on some alloy will be high numbers


54, in that gold range


My old wedding band 57, can’t see marks on inside as it’s crushed flat, bit of a rough ending to the marriage lol


thats gold my son.if you sell it on ebay you can expect to get about double the spot price that 25 dollars is aus dollar


It’s going to be the start of my hoard :crown:


just had a look at 14k scrap price its 27.39 aus dollars


you now know what id numbers pay the most, smaller rings will show smaller numbers maybe in the 40s on your machine