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George v love token


one more love token today nice sixpence,good engraving, 1906 shilling,funny how some 925 silvers come out with that gray hard to move sulfur crap and some like this shilling needed just 30 sec dip in lemon juice finished with an ozzie whistle must be newish, just under the surface,works good,good luck,by the way anybody remember no 8 wire,he stopped to talk today,hes still doing a bit.IMG_1943IMG_1944IMG_1945IMG_1946


Cleaned up nice Roy good score


wow killer finds, I would love to find any silver , ive been on a terrible drought…


Another nice silver haul Roy well done. Found a similar dog whistle a month or so ago.


Great finds as usual, that whistle is pretty cool.


A champion detectorist, i do miss his posts.



wonder what M.A.G stands for?
Make america great?