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Finds Cleaning Guide


Feel free to add more tips here.

Remove green verdigris.
Powdered chalk + methylated spirits mix, rub hard.
Use fine steelo on stubborn areas.
Then apply metal polish.
A soft cloth buffing wheel.
Finally buff by hand with soft cloth.

Wash in detergent
Rub with 1 heaped teaspoon salt + 2 Tablespoons vinegar mixed into 600ml water.

Clean dirt & old polish from engravings with Ammonia on toothbrush, then detergent, and finally water.

Immerse badly corroded brass in warm strong solution of washing soda for 1 hour. Wipe or brush, if corrosion remains, repeat.
Brush stained areas with glass jewelers brush.
Rub off spots of corrosion with scouring powder on cloth, or if difficult use steelo.
Polish out scratches with paste of Whiting (finely ground chalk, obtainable from hardware store).

  • Metal polish may rub off engravings *
    Clear Lacquer (Hardware or Art Supplies) can preserve the polished appearance. Lacquer goes cloudy & picks up dust in cold weather, so should be applied in warm environment.