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Erics page once again


Sundays hunt with No8wire, 18 Silvers, old lead toy gun, and other bits


Last night hunt with No8wire, 5 more silvers including another brit florin, just a couple of feet away from someone elses cluster of plugs. also a silver hallmarked belt buckle ring and a cool hat badge The Royal sussex regiment , the cruddy aluminium disk is a medallion from the duke and duchess of (cant remember )


HAHAHAHAHA, is that how you picked your target area.

Pretty cools stuff. That belt buckle ring is unique.
Love the live round & thimble.
Are you going to clean up that duke of can’t remember medal?


yeah will give it ago cleaning it better, might pop it in some Coke lol, been trying to look around the net for what it is. Will repost once cleaned better, yes love the belt buckle ring, I found one earlier this year in a disused domain, that was date stamped around 1800s, the wife’s wearing that now


Sweet finds there Erickd. Love those Florins…so much detail.
Yes the belt buckle ring is real nice.


still lots of coins coming out of ch ch well done


Few hours out with No8wire, and another Gold Ring whooo hoo, and 8 little silvers.

Silver Coins - 432
Silver Jewellery - 22
Gold Jewellery - 8
Spendies - $142.10


Bush bashing - I love those hunts. Except for when your phones get tangled up every 30 odd seconds :rage:.
Cool chunk of gold, good job.


Lol I’m hearing ya…almost pulled the wiring apart on the headphones.


Silver and GOLD - choice. Nice hunting Eric.



Except for when your phones get tangled up every 30 odd seconds[/quote]

Yep, I got rid of my bungy cord, and replaced it with a straight cord, there are even shorter cords if that suits.

That is a very fancy ring.


Night hunt with no8wire ransacking a city park, 8 silvers and other relic bits and the usual heap of pennies, quite a few oldies in the 1860s.


Oh to find a lead soldier - wicked.



Oh you bad boys! :sunglasses:

I wonder if those children were ever sucking on those lead toys :frowning:


Some nice stuff there Erickd. Man lead toys are super cool! A few nice 1800’s coins too.:+1:


Here’s the round up of tonight’s hunt with Kevin Pitt, 3 silvers and yes gonna count the chopped 1943 half crown as one…a vintage Felix the cat brooch, found one before and it’s the rare variety according to Google but can’t seem to find the page now.
U2 badge, a NSW ametuer swimming association badge, $10 lunch money and the stack of penny’s


Shame about the half crown, it would take a bit of munching through one of those.
Felix is cool, I’ve got a single only.
Nice hunting


Everybody loves a silver chop up. Mean as.




That Felix the Cat badge is a real prize there.


First photos are from Friday nights hunt in a well hunted inner city park with Kevin Pitt and Philip East , these guys are on the Facebook detecting page, a Gothic Florin and 3 little silvers.
Second lot of goodies are from Sundays hunt at a North Canterbury Domain, 10 little silvers, chunky 925 ring, $34.70 , NZ railways button and pennys etc.