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Crevicing for Gold


Crevicing for Gold

Crevicing for Gold

Watch as Jeff and Gary ( Two Toes ) head to the Hills in search of Gold !!! On this adventure they will be Crevicing the Bedrock cracks in search of Hidden Gold !!

Thanks for watching,



That was good, thank you.
Another subscriber to your channel!


Thanks !!! I’m glad you enjoyed the video !!!


Can’t say I ever thought of using a sucky motor but I can see an application for it. An interesting concept.
I used to wash the gravel down with a pan of water then pick up any flakes with tweezers but never tried using a battery vacuum cleaner.
Every time I see videos of people just being out there doing it I keep wishing I was with them!
It looked fun.


in your day they didn’t have battery vacuum cleaners. I used an ordinary one once carried a generator up the river shocking way to go when you put the plug under water.


Yes but think of all the stunned trout for tea that night!


it was the electric ells. I got a real kick out of it all. on a serious note perhaps a portable battery cleaner may work in the dry places. bit like my theory that a concrete mixer would also go well but that’s another story


Yes it would have to be dry and the gravel fine enough for the sucky motor to sucky up - I had a similar sucky motor and it did so well sucking up dust and redistributing it in my hut that I used it for target practice. Its dead at the moment and will ever more remain so - diabolical machine.

The application of the one in the video was ok though as it did the job and its something I had not considered and therefore a pretty clever idea!

You can do all sorts of things with sucky motors - I had a girl friend who thought of something pretty drastic once but I wont explain as an intention designed to give the ultimate pleasure can achieve something that the Kempai Tai (Japanese Secret Police) would have taken great delight in applying to Prisoners of War.