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Cosmo's finds enjoy

I’ve found they ring up lower than a 2¢ on my nox they sit in between a nz thrup & sixpence.

I was wondering why farthings seemed pretty rare finds.

End of the day I’ve never found one so giving myself a challenge to find by the end of the year must be a few up MW way😎

Theres bound to be some near where the old whaling ships used to moor and where the grog shops and shanties were.

Most Farthings Definitely end up in the 2cent scrap bucket i found 3 or so farthings in my scrap when i first heard about Farthings and searched through it.
Always worth rechecking the scrap bucket. Amazing how often a silver is hiding in there.


Out today first found a nz sixpence , aus 1936 penny and a few spendies. Then off to a different park for the rest. Can anyone id the monkey cowboy badge? Happy hunting and good luck out there.


I like finding the old enabled badges looks familiar to Disney caricature good score

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I went to a bloody auction that I should never have gone to today - bid on the wrong thing and ended up with five cards of blasted enamel badges and goodness knows what…and dont know any kids I can give them to! Over the years I found a few with my detector.
Just love those silvers he found though - they are ace.


Great finds Cosmo, asked my FB chat group about the pin. Found this same one for sale. Don’t think it’s Mickey Mouse like they are saying though.

Looks like this company made it

Similar one from the series


Thanks for that gerter much appreciated. :+1:

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Got out on mud flats last evening few finds got to be more there. Happy hunting and good luck out there.


Hi guy’s back out on mud flats today got a few treasures not one spendie weird. 1854 3d, 1917 3d, 1876 & 1908 pennies, .925 ring and kids copper one. Happy hunting and good luck out there.


Nice haul again, cosmo.


Thanks gerter was nice to have the day of detecting.

To have a whole day would be great, 2 kids under 3 leaves me an hour or two at nap times :stuck_out_tongue:

Though detecting in this on the weekend wasn’t that inviting …


Now that looks cold.

Bit of a frost but otherwise lovely.

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Didn’t find this but inherited it this weekend. My great great uncle’s signet ring circa 1911 this was in his personal effects when he was killed in WW1.


Nice that you got it - have you looked up the basis of his files at cenotaph database? Where was he killed? I had a great uncle killed Passchaendale 12th october 1917 - New Zealand’s darkest day ever. Nearly one 1000th of our population massacred in one day.

No it’s something I’ve got to look into Lammerlaw. Good old mother england sending us forward with no artillery.

My grandfather also told me that they resented the British because they knew that when the British were withdrawn from the line and the New Zealanders or Australians were sent up then a large offensive was planned - better to sacrifice the colonials than the home troops!

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