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Cosmo's finds enjoy


sweet big silver.nice work


Thanks Roy, I’m looking forward to the long weekend more hunting time.


Just going through some rubbish from last Tuesday this caught my eye, I know that shape I thought. I had seen it on Hoover Boys, it was a collar stud marked Birmingham 1900.


Finds from last two hunts got my first gold 9.6 grams 18k , thanks Roy for testing for me. HH&GL.


Nice one Cosmo - Pay day - worth around $430 melted at todays rate. Well done.


Thanks another goal off my first year list.


Is the necklace silver?


No just copper was my first hole for day so I thought I might be in for a good day and it was.


That’s a sweet bit of gold the Cosmo!


Thanks it’s no half sovereign :wink: but I’m happy all the same.


Give it time grasshopper! Good things come to those that are patient


not bad for a fist gold find would have been fantastic piece when new,still cannot make my mind up on a date,very ornate big centerpiece jewel set with claw jewel fixing no rear support would have been a hard jewel,18ct ,quality gem for sure.


Might have to go back with a dredge and screen.:grinning:


Man that ring is nice have you thought about getting it repaired? Roy’s got plenty of scrap gold lying around :grin: one that I found that had been hit by a rotary slasher only cost $30 to fix


It is most of one half of a hinged bracelet , stone in middle must have been epic.


Hey guys got a coil that works right now here’s some of my finds from last night and today. Nothing special but finally got a silver coin (just 1946) 97/100.
This was last night the button is ww1 British cuff.

And today’s.

Happy hunting and good luck out there.


not bad cosmo plenty of targets.only 3 more.


Nice stash of coins there Cosmo, not bad at all


Here is some finds from last 2 hunts. Made it to 100 silver’s yay.:grinning:

Happy hunting and good luck out there.


nice coins cosmo.congrats on a 100.