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Chrispys new page


Been ages since I posted on here as Ive had computer issues (and I’m not good with computers) but I’m back, hopefully.
I’ll start by posting a few pics from this year and work my way to present day.


Next one. Can only upload one pic at a time by looks of things.


And another


And another


One more


Last one for now. Got heaps more to share so stay tuned.


Wow some real nice finds there @chrispy, great photos and nicely laid out.
Regarding uploading pics I’m pretty sure for first five or so posts you can only load one per post but then you should be able to load as many as you like.

Welcome back :yum:


Here’s a couple more.


And a couple more.


Last ones for today


hi chrispy,well done mate,you,re on to it,nice silvers.


Dig those gun parts, specially the six hole bullet cylinder.



Few more


And more


Still more


Couple more


And more


Last ones to bring me up to date.


Here’s some pics of some recent bottle digs too.


Awesome finds, thanks for sharing. If I had to pick one, which I’m going to…
That fabulous :elephant: Coin / Medallion.
Man there’s some great stuff in those pics :ok_hand: