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Blue bowl anyone tried?


Anyone tried this?
Looks a bit tedious, though it is compact.
I wonder if a magic wheel would be better?


It seems a bit perturbing (big word for me - I just found it in the dictionary so had to use it - that fine gold seems to be finding its way to the hub of the thing and as the hub seems to curve toward the middle I am sure fine gold could be carried up that inner slope with the concentrates and into the waste container or what ever it is below…well thats my theory.

Still it is interesting and now my Geniarse mind is ticking over wondering if it really works and how it could be improved.


used one for a while , to much classifying never liked the thing


The blue bowl is pretty much unbeatable at separating micron Gold from debris when run correctly. The Gold I recover is pretty much invisible to the naked eye and cannot be panned. I have not found anything that works better than the blue bowl yet -

The key to pretty much any form of density separation is classifying, the more similar your material is in terms of shape and size, the easier it is to separate by density.


Depends on what your are comparing it to I gave up panning con,s years ago I think from memory the blue bowl was the last straw I found it too time consuming sitting around classifying rite down to the invisible gold :slight_smile: , now I screen cons twice (smallest is around 10 mesh) to remove any small nuggets/larger flake though sadly few & far between !! the rest gets put in a container of warm water with a table spoon or 2 worth of mercury shake shake 5 minutes latter you can wash the heavy’s away with the garden hose


I made one and it works well. is a slow way to do it though.


“Invisible Gold” I love that phrase! :laughing:

Won’t be long before the Spammers cotton onto it:

$5,000 for a box of invisible gold. Buy Now.
Example of quality below, but you will get much more than the amount shown.


Aha… golden treads for to knit the emperors new clothes…


Actually individual IC bond wires are invisible to the naked eye @ <15um diameter. It is literally invisible Gold. Until you get a few million of them together.


Sounds like the gold on my claim…


$5000 for a box full that size is a bargain. ill take 2 please. lol


I’ll send you the Western Union banking details :wink:


[quote=“kernels, post:9, topic:2038”]
It is literally invisible Gold. Until you get a few million of them together.
[/quote]Could ‘stub your toe’ on a few million LOL.

Only need 1,000µm to be easily visible (1mm) :wink: I was playing on the phrase, not the literal meaning. (I work with stuff with a d50 of around 0.5µm - That’s so fine, gravity takes the back seat to molecular charges in regards to physics!)


Nice, so I can use electricity to statically extract gold from South Island rivers without anyone being the wiser!


I’ve got some magic beans for sale. Hahahahahhahaha


don’t want beans but if u have a bag of magic spuds ill have them. buggered if I can get my non magic ones to grow this year.