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Best hunt ever..... till the next one


gday,had some great luck this last tide found a big cut right where there was a lot of activity back in the day,still all the good targets were at the max range for my tdi pro,just digging whispers dug a few ghost signals,but no wind helps a lot when trying to pick them out all old rings big one with the ruby is 15ct.the signet bloodstone ring is a puzzle its marked 25 no letter after numbers,date letter is u in shield lozenge witch dates it 1818 cant see that but that is the nearest match,cant get any better shot with my cheap camera,next tide the cut could be gone what a day!!!


So much yellow in one picture :heart_eyes: That old ring truly is a beauty, well done! :slight_smile:


well well what do ya know he has struck Gold well done what a great haul


Outstanding results!!!
Wow what a day alright, she will take a bit to top that.


Very nice haul there! well done,wish I had days like that.


Nice Roy like you once said …if you believe you will find…


Very nice Roy. Some of them look quite old. 1818 sounds awesome.



Fantastic, maybe now you can upgrade that camera.