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Best digging tool? +pinpointer


Hi there just wondering what the best digging tool would be. Currently looking at a lesche, but I am open to other ideas. Also wondering what the best pin pointer is. Heard good stuff about the deteknix ones. Any info would be nice, thanks.

GL and HH , LittleKiwi.


And any dealers in New Zealand. I know Puiaki supply sells lesche knives.


@ATandy did you have some digging tools for sale?


Gday mate i literally just had a courier drop a few off as i seen this lol…are you looking for a hand digger?






yeah. those hand tools look really neat! I like the smaller one which looks quite sturdy and well crafted. the handle looks super comfortable as well. Do you supply these?


Hi mate I get them in from Aussie by demand. I have 1 of the small 1s left at the moment and 1 Thandle also!


That T handle one looks like you could dig your way out of alcatraz with it.


I just bought a Lesche from Puiaki. The were very responsive and easy to deal with. I placed the order on Saturday and had it in the PO Box by Wednesday.

I don’t have any experience with other quality tools (beyond a cheap hand trowel from Mitre 10) … No comparison, the Lesche was like a hot knife through butter in even some tough clay soils.

I’ve only dug twice in parks, but was glad to have a small digging tool rather than a handled spade as I think I would have drawn even more attention from other park users.

Cheers and good luck!


I use a Garrett Pro Pointer AT and very happy with that, you can see this under equipment on this site, look under Garrett NZ. For park digging I use a long bladed kitchen knife to cut plug, then remove plug with pointed hand trowel. Means plug can be replaced and no one would know you have been there. For more solid digging picked up a solid steel home made trenching shade in second hand shop. Works a treat.