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Back out on the river


First pic came from Whangarei central should polish nice second from washed out beach heart stopper but pretty sure brass


Any writing or image on second piece?


Looks like you are into heavy metal there Chris. Nice one.



Hi Cosmo no writing or marks


Back to washed out beach in search of gold no more than 100mm of sand till hard pan. The beach is no more than 300m2 and is a short bush walk from a busy motel. anyway no gold😫 a V8 junk ring and a few coins.will have to get a bit wet next time


its a wonder we dont get lead poisoning lol


Went down on the low to a spot on the river I’ve tried a few times and got the old coin nothing old but had a feeling there should be a bit of gold there …and sure was chunky 9c with diamond now got it home and gave it a rub as you do and the FN thing broke in half😵


what a bugger its the high content of copper in 9ct gold. heat it till cherry red then dunk it in water to anneal it before trying to clean it it will work harden when you take 600 wet and dry to polish finish with dremmel and polish of choice.


Thanks Roy got a local sliversmith who’s going to repair for a few$$ it’s the second one to do it on me both came sand more exposed to oxygen so makes sense


Back to the same part of the river today with me 9 year old boy once he sees gold he’s keen as a few coins to keep us both happy


A bugger about the ring but I guess it must be the salt in the water setting up an acidic reaction in the copper of the amalgum. I never knew it happened like that so guess I have learnt something.