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Aoraki / Mount Cook


Hey Guys

Does anyone know if there’s any gold in the rivers around Mt Cook? I live up here and before I flick a few loads from the shovel to the pan … just like to know if I’m wasting my time …



I lived at Mt Cook and had the same question when i lived there.If you can call the Callery in the MCNP then that’s a good place…,got good bits and pieces from there. Other wise there is not much going on until you get on to the west coast side.


the closest places I know of is burkes pass, Huxley river or the maitland. there were some massive crystals found in mt cook in the late 1800 but the person would never tell where they came from . I think he is now dead. they were in display at park headquarters.


I believe above lake Ohau, not sure where exactly but I read about it in a paperspast.


hi keiths right ive panned very small traces of gold in the Huxley and just above monument hut the first tiny waterfall on the walking track ,but just specs to my knowledge theres no gold workings in the area


I recall Dave Craw (Otago Uni geological guru) had a public lecture about gold at Aoraki. He showed a photo of gold in situ at a modest altitude


read about a trip in the early days in papers past where they prospected the area. the surprising thing was they took their horses all the way over brodrick pass .
note to webby . I found a old wooden sluice box in the edge of the bush up the Huxley one time when I was possum hunting up there (before you killed them all) that’s what got me interested in the area.