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Another Nail in the Coffin.....! Whangamata School Damage


Coastal News, May 31st


Here we go again the majority will be punished for the act’s of a few individuals… sky rockets anyone. Got turned down for a wiamak council permission because they let someone do it last year and they left a big mess there and now there is a ban on all council property with no process for appeal.


It’s because of nauseating ignorant fucknuckles like him/her that legislation will one day be passed to control metal detecting and place restrictions on metal detecting…it will become like gold panning and recreational fossicking where the up their own arse gay Bois in white collars who, given a little power, think they run the country then bring in legislation to restrict recreational fossicking to 17 designated ‘recreational fossicking areas’ - the day will come when metal detectorists are restricted to ‘designated metal detecting areas’ and all silver and gold belongs to the State - or should we say belongs to the bankers who call the tune…its just a f****** police/slave state.
Rant over! To be serious though it is shits like that person who bring a bad name to a great hobby where most people are not only responsible but also do good by removing trash from the ground. Unfortunately the media and narks who report these isolated instances ALWAYS villify the report by making it out worse than it really is, dramatising it. When I read it I envisaged a ground torn up as though ploughed! The media have a lot to answer for.


There seems to be a bit of this stuff going on at the moment. I know of a few schools in Dunedin the have been hit by someone who gigs round plugs. One school had over two hundred plugs dug in its field and a mate of mine was asked if it was him as it was in his area. It wasn’t anyone I know as we don’t dig round plugs they kill the grass. But I have heard of a guy that drives all over nz metal detecting in a van he lives in I’m not to sure who it is but I know he will detect in some very public places that we would not as he has been seen and talked to! Does anyone have any more info?


Here’s a letter sent to the Admin of the FB group from Police:

“Can you please post a message on your page reminding your members they are not to dig on public playing fields or school grounds. I have had a complaint recently about a couple digging at the Wakefield school grounds causing some damage. This is wilful damage and you can be charged for it. You do not have the right to go around digging in grounds like this. Whilst the turf may be placed back the grass ends up dying. This is not the first complaint that I have had for the Wakefield area. If you are going to dig somewhere make sure you have permission from the land owner first. Obviously beaches and the like are fine but grassed areas should not be dug up. Kind regards, Jamie White Constable JWCJ76”