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A morning in the life of a detectorist


Yeap, tried that Chris. Unless I lost me huff. Could also be a rattle. Looks like it may have had a chain on it. I’m tending towards whistle and some of the inside have rotted away.


So it’s not a whistle: Here’s what the Whistle Museum in the States say.

Thanks for the inquiry. What you found is actually not a whistle. However it is associated. It is a siren :slightly_smiling_face:

The outside is in good shape considering where you found it. Probably made of brittannia. The next question would be – does it work ?? Or are the interior mechanical parts destroyed by water ( i.e.rust ) and corrosion ?? Your thoughts please ??

I am off to work early here in Oregon USA. Catch you later


Wow that’s up there when it comes to unique finds hope you can get more info on it


Thanks Chris. Just sent him some more info. Will keep you posted.


This is what it would have sounded like.


Here’s a whole new world I never new existed.
May be of interest to some of you.

042 Sirens - Part One ‘Case Sirens’ | The Whistle Gallery



And this is probably one of the prime reasons I Love detecting…All the weird shit you never even comprehended existing - and all of which I can now file away in my mental trivia cupboard for that glorious day when someone asks, "I can’t get 7 Across: A Musical Instrument, Commonly Used For Comical Effects - Anyone? "

And I leap in, thrusting perplexed intellectuals aside, and with a dramatic intake of breath whilst holding my hand aloft, I boldly state, " It’s a… Oh, Dammit, I know this! What the hell was it…"


Well we live and learn and I for one loved finding out about it…bloody marvellous!


Yeap. Glad your enlightened MW, but it would be bloody hard work finding out what it was without this thing they call the internet.


Hooked a nice 10 carat goldie in the tide this afternoon which weigh in at 15.9 grams. Not my heaviest gold but getting up there.
Take care out there & HH


What a chunker well done mate love it.



Now that’s a find MB well done
R U detecting salt or fresh?


No I’m mainly a salt water fish Chris. :tropical_fish:


Very nice. About US$270.00 too.